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CrinoTech provide Customized x-windows Application, Customized Web Application and Distributed Database System.
Customized x-windows Application
1. Trim Staffing cost
2. Share and integrate data systems
3. Reduce errors
4. Total control of software
5. Meets your business unique Requirements
Our current project list comprises of various verticals including:
•  Process Inventory System
•  Manufacturing control system
•  Accounts Management System
•  Hospital and Clinic tracking and organizers
•  Purchase tracking and best deal calculator
•  Student Management and tracking (online and offline)
With expertise in deploying online distributed database system, CrinoTech is all set to scale new heights in office automation technologies.
Customized Web Application
1. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world
2. Designed specifically to address your company’s problem or to provide your competitive edge, Customized website will be centered on your organizations objective and intended strategies. Custom Web sites built from scratch with exact specifications and unique features.
3. Web based applications can solve a wide variety of information management problems.
Our current project list comprises of the following domains:
• Online process management
• Standard operating procedure(SOP) management
• Multilevel network marketing systems
• E – Commerce portals
Distributed Database System
•  Management of distributed data with different levels of transparency
•  Increase reliability and availability
•  Easier expansion
•  Local Autonomy – A department can control the data about them
•  Economical - It costs less to create a network of smaller computers with the
    power of a single large computer
•  Modularity - Systems can be modified, added and removed from the distributed
    database without affecting other modules.
Website and SEO services
It include Website Design & Development, Domain Registration & web site hosting and Search Engine Optimization.
Website Design & Development
We provide a range of web and online solutions to bring your business on the internet followed by marketing and communication strategies, which empowers our customers to represent themselves online confidently in the global arena to generate more revenue. We offer high quality, easy navigation, flexible, reliable and user friendly websites and graphic designing solutions for organizations seek effective output.
Our website design service includes:
Websites- the strongest marketing tool not only makes your audience updated about your offerings but act as a corporate identity in this high-tech era. This is your online office to showcase best of you and your offerings. Not only this, the website act as a strong medium of communication.
Update or redesign of existing websites
• Content writing and management
• Flash animations
• Custom web programming
• Search engine optimization of website
• Website Maintenance
Domain Registration & web site hosting:
We provide and suggest you right web hosting solutions after analyzing your current and future hosting needs. In order to provide complete web solution, we register domains and provide complete hosting services in association with worlds renowned hosting providers.
Search Engine Optimization
The process of prioritizing appearance of web pages in different search engines against a set of keywords/key phrases is known as SEO-Search Engine Optimization. We primarily focus on SEO with top Search Engines like Google, MSN etc. as these cover 90-95% of entire search worldwide.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the total of visitors to a high, in the search results of search engines. The higher a website ranks in the results of a search engine, the greater the chance that site will be visited by a user. It also means designing each page in such a way, that the site’s content will be thoroughly mapped and indexed to keywords that potential customers employ when seeking your products and services.