MenTamizh - Tamil word processor

First time in the history of Tamil computing: The best Tamil spell checker
This is the first Tamil software developed based on Computational Linguistics & Language Technology. Tamil spell and sandhi checker and more...

21 Unicode based Tamil fonts

For your creative style, 21 Unicode based font families are given . Various sizes and styles of the fonts could be obtained. First time in the history of Tamil software, to develop Tamil Speech Corpus, 83 Unicode IPA ( International Phonetics Association) Tamil fonts are added.

5 types of Tamil Keyboards

In addition to the Tamil typing keyboard and TamilNet99 keyboard, two other keyboards – Roman keyboard and Roman-Tamil keyboard- are given enabling you to type in Roman to get the Tamil output. The Phonetic keyboard is useful to type IPA Tamil fonts.

Tamil & English Rich Text Editor with Office 2007 Look and Feel

Type both Tamil and English using the rich text editor and all the other features of a modern word processor. State-of-the art Office 2007 Ribbon Controls giving you rich look and feel with Tamil menus and tabs.

Tamil Spell Checker

Any Tamil word whether having suffixes or not could be analysed for its correctness with this Spell Checker tool. The mis-spelled words may be identified by the color change – red color, automatically. Then the suggestion for correct candidate words may be obtained and suitable replacement may be carried out.

Tamil Sandhi Checker

Sandhi checker tool will check your Tamil document for any sandhi ( addition , deletion or change of Tamil phonemes) error. The wrongly put sandhi as well as the failure in putting sandhi will be corrected.

Tamil Grammer Checker

The Subject and the Finite Verb of Tamil sentences should be in agreement for Person-Number-Gender ( PNG). The Grammar Checker tool will check this and if there is any error, it would be automatically corrected.

Tamil Dictionaries

Dictionary contains around about 31,000 modern Written Tamil words with English equivalences. You could also use it reversibly – that is , as English – Tamil dictionary.
Synonym dictionary, Antonym dictionary are also available for Tamil. In addition to these, one more dictionary – Suspicious Pair dictionary- is provided here to help the user to get clarified with some words having suspicious phonemes ( phonemes having much similarities in pronunciation). Tamil Government Administrative Dictionary (Tamil-English (Reversible)) is available.

Font and Encoding Converter

No need to worry about the non-Unicode documents. Any encoding could be converted by single stroke to Unicode one. After editing the Unicode output, again you could save it in any other encoding.

Publishing Made Easy

Various tools such as Citation, Bibliography , Table of Contents are available for the users to prepare their manuscripts for publication / submission to Seminars etc. This option is available for different styles – MLA, APA and Chicago.

Tamil Sorting and Indexing

The words in a document may be sorted both in Ascending and Descending orders. Also the words in a Tamil document could be indexed with the Page numbers.

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